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I felt nervous. In the middle of nowhere. Why was the policeman frantically waving me to stop?

He asked where I was going.  As soon as I told him, and with no warning, he opened the car door and jumped in beside me.

Then he smiled and told me he was going to Lilongwe too and his name was Peter.

He asked when I had to get to my hotel. I said in 2 hours. Then he asked when was my flight. I said tomorrow afternoon. Peter told me we had plenty of time.

A new police recruit, he thanked me for the ride I’d ‘volunteered’ as he had no other way to get to police HQ to attend a course.

After a few kilometres, Peter said his uncle lived nearby and asked if we could detour & say hello. I hesitated, then thought, why not.

After, we drove along a potholed border track that zigzagged in and out of Mozambique. Some kilometres later we visited other relatives.

Our trip to Lilongwe took 8 hours, not 2 as I’d planned.

Peter showed me places travellers seldom visit and, although this was 30 years ago, his stories stay with me today.

The trip taught me many things.

In particular – focusing on our goal is important (for me getting to Lilongwe), but be open to other routes to achieve your goal and enjoy the journey too.

Enjoy your journey, as you develop and grow your consulting business.