Discover How To Win C-Suite Clients Without Selling

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Why should you become a trusted advisor?

What’s in it for you?

Both very good and very good questions.  And important to ask, as after all becoming a trusted advisor take effort.

At the beginning of my career, I didn’t set out to become a trusted advisor. Sure, I worked on building strong relationships with clients. I also tried to learn as much about my clients challenges as I could.

But that’s just what you normally do in business, right?

As it turned out, my focus on these aspects of business led to my clients seeing me as somebody they could trust. They valued my opinions. I backed them up with evidence.

Before I knew it, I’d become their trusted advisor.

And I’m glad that I did. It provided a number of benefits to my career and also meant that I could be of greater service to my clients.

In this article, I’ll dissect the main benefits that this role will bring you.

Benefit #1  – Build Reputational Power

As a result of the compelling evidence and proven diagnostics you bring to your work, combined with your ability to out-serve your market you will build significant reputational power.

Your reputational power will act as a magnet to attract other CEOs in your marketplace.

Benefit #2 – Less Competition

Competition fades tremendously when you become a trusted advisor.


Because you develop a deep level of trust, you are sought out for your wisdom and you become the chief executive’s secret advantage. This in itself means it is your counsel they seek thus excluding your competitors.

Benefit #3 – Higher Quality Work

Your work will be more aligned with your client’s strategy. You will no longer be on the periphery but in the core of the business.  This whole dynamic leads to higher quality work and importantly more satisfying work.

You’ll gain a more in-depth understanding of your client’s business and a more in-depth knowledge of how your client ticks.

Benefit #4 – Consulting Wins Increase

Your ability to out-serve your client will mean you’ll move from providing bland offerings to bespoke services.  These bespoke services are built on your unique IP that’s supported by compelling evidence.

Your consulting wins will also transform you from being a commodity provider to being an irresistible professional.

Benefit #5 – Reliable Retainer Fees

There are benefits for your business too. The ability to charge retainer fees will place your business in a secure financial position, and make you feel more secure knowing this money is coming in month-in month-out.

Though you must continue providing value to justify your fees.

Benefit #6 – Relevant Network Expansion

The IP clarity, compelling evidence and the associated proven diagnostics will help you create a self-fuelling machine to generate new CEO meetings on-demand.

Gone will be the days when you found it a challenge to secure new CEO meetings.

Benefit #7 – Out-think Your Competition

Think about those you know in your marketplace.  Now describe what they offer, what they are famous for.

Chances are what they stand-for isn’t really that well defined, almost foggy.  When you can Out-Think your competition as a result of The Trusted Advisor Project’s programs you will be a distinctive go-to advisor in your marketplace.


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