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  Generate Conversations With Your Ideal

C-Suite Decision Makers Without Selling. 

The C-Suite Engagement Mastery Program

I will not try and 'sell you' on the program.
Instead, I will simply tell you who it is for…and who it is not for:

The C-Suite Engagement Mastery program IS for ambitious B2B firms worldwide providing high-value products and services who want to:

  • Put in place a system to generate conversations with ideal decision-makers on-demand (without selling).
  • Build their reputation power as a value creator.
  • Become the provider of choice in their marketplace.

You must have:

  • A desire to make a step-change in your business.
  • The ambition to grow by engaging C-suite executives. 
  • Be prepared to implement what you learn.
  • Sound revenues.
  • Clients who are satisfied with your products and/or services.

The C-Suite Engagement Program IS NOT for those who:

  • Don't care about the results their firm delivers.
  • Want a solely tactical approach.
  • Are not willing to learn.

The C-Suite Engagement Mastery program was created by

Roger E Jones.

It comprises of virtual sessions. You’ll work through and implement the proven C-Suite Engagement Mastery system. 

Interested? Here's your next step.

You'll have a Executive Engagement strategy call with Roger Jones on Zoom. In the first 10-minutes, he'll ask you questions to work out if or how the C-suite Engagement Mastery program can help you.

If he feels it can't, he'll let you know politely and point you in the right direction.

If Roger feels the program is a good fit for you, you'll continue and review how it can enable you to develop long-term relationships with C-suite executives you don't currently know, on-demand and without selling.

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Limited Availability

Thanks mainly to the program our revenue has more than tripled in the last two months.  I look to the future now with greater confidence.
The business is on 'turbo'.  I highly recommend the program.  

Ed S, Melbourne, Australia

This exercise was ground-breaking for me. When I finished it, I had goosebumps.
I received a return on the program fees in the very first session.

Dave O, San Francisco, USA

Although I have had a successful practice for many years, the program has allowed me to reassess my go-to-market strategy, and this has been extremely beneficial. Roger's thinking is always fresh and one-step ahead.

Robert, Dubai

Refreshing, highly relevant and pragmatic. In addition, the international cohort provides fresh perspectives I didn't anticipate.

Jane F, U.K.

I find the process we are going through particularly helpful. We are impressed with your work and fully engaged in your approach.

Chuck L, Cincinnati, USA

The work in the program about reversing a firms typical approach to attracting clients with high value content has really resonated with me. Roger's many years of experience shines through and the quality of his teaching and related notes are first class. The bonus for me was the high-quality group which allowed even more learning from others with many years of experience. Outstanding and highly recommended.

Craig Alexander R, Glasgow, Scotland

Limited Availability

Trusted Advisor Elite: This is a ‘by invitation only’ membership for graduates of C-Suite Engagement Mastery program. You’ll become part of a growing community of ambitious leaders in B2B firms from around the world.