Our Programs:

  Generate Conversations With Your Ideal Decision Makers On-Demand and Without Selling.   

When we work together to implement our system you will generate conversations with your ideal decision makers when you need them, and elegantly enrol some of these ideal decision makers as clients with NO SELLING.

That’s right zero selling.

Our system works even if you can’t sell or you really dislike selling.

Our system also rapidly builds your authority status, makes you distinctive in your marketplace and confident about your future business success.

Instead of selling you’ll create irresistible and irrefutable value in the form of world-class original thought leadership.  This will act like a magnet to attract your ideal decision makers.

Though I need to make it clear now that this is not a ‘quick fix’ approach for consultants who just want to cruise. 

Our programs are only for those consultants worldwide who are:

  • prepared to work smart and implement what your learn…fast
  • want a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • build their reputational power
  • scale their success

If this is you, then please read on.

We believe:

CEOs and your most senior ideal leaders are the only executives you should meet if you are to build a highly profitable consulting business that you’re proud of.


Because they’re the top decision makers.

And top decision makers give out the types of assignments that will stimulate and excite you.

Though let’s not forget the money.

I’ve found that the lifetime value of working with CEOs and an ideal senior decision maker is a minimum $150K.  But over $500K is not uncommon.

Though when I add in the introductions’ they’ve given me to their peers in other firms, then these figures multiply 2 or 3 times.

Our foundation program is the The CEO Magnet System™.  It's the essential first step in becoming the CEOs Trusted Advisor.

The CEO Magnet System™ was created based on the insights gained from the benefits received after having high-value original content published in global journals; and securing appointments and assignments with CEOs and senior ideal decision makers in firms such as:

The system helped me have articles published and secure media coverage in:

And along the way a number of global firms asked me to help their executives improve their effectiveness at the most senior levels in their client companies. Firms like:

Though if you haven’t been successful securing CEO meetings…chances are, it’s not your fault.

It's because all the approaches on earth that I’m aware of are based on selling.

But the problem with selling is that no senior decision maker on earth wants to be sold to.

But selling is exactly what other so called ‘experts’ say you must do.

There are an awful lot of providers you come across peddling programs on how to sell to top decision makers.

But the irony is, most of these providers have never worked with senior decision makers and they have never practiced what they preach.

Their success is at best limited.

The 3 reasons why now is the ideal time to take action.

Reason 1: Time

The simple passing of time means you’ll going to arrive in the future.

And as you can see the future is not a straight line – time bends.

We can work together so you’re on the green line and thrive.  Imagine how that will look.

Or you can drift down and struggle.

Perhaps if your are lucky you’ll stay on the horizontal line and just survive.

The difference between traveling on the green line or the red line comes down to one thing: a decision.

Although the green line looks a long way away, today is the closest you’ll get to it.

Reason 2: The current economic climate

It’s not exactly rosy and the future isn’t looking bright.  Delivering high value work with CEOs who trust you is a whole lot safer than scrabbling around completing projects further down the organisation.

Reason 3:  The programs are NEW

New means you will secure ‘first-in’ fees.  Because from next month I plan to increase investment fees, and again the month after until they are at least triple current levels.

I know from my own experience how much value comes from working with CEOs.

Looking back, I wish I’d had the foresight to create the The Trusted Advisor Project's system sooner.   Because things weren’t always so easy... 

I struggled some years back…

…I had all the qualifications I thought I needed. I had a successful corporate career before starting my business. I’d been a scientist, worked for tech, financial service and professional service firms. I’d conducted business in +40 countries and lived in 4 countries.

I thought I deserved success in my consulting business.

But it was just a hard slog.

I didn’t feel my work was being recognized. I didn’t feel I was charging what I deserved to earn. It was hard to secure quality business. And it felt like I was just swimming against the current in my crowded ocean.

The result: Business was okay. But I felt frustrated as I just knew it could be better because my clients praised my work. I just didn’t seem to get the market traction, and revenue wasn’t what I wanted.
Then I had my own eureka moment.

I made a switch in my strategy.  A switch that took a bit of time to implement and some years to perfect.  But it worked.  

I created unique irrefutable value that helped my business snowball.  I created what my ideal clients wanted to discuss.

I then added accelerators to the evolving system that helped for example build reputational power and steps to become a market magnet.

From here The Trusted Advisor Project was born.  And it is what you can learn and implement today.

I’m not boasting, but one approach to secure new CEOs conversations was so successful I had to stop doing it for a while.  Reason: too many CEOs wanted to speak with me, and these were all CEOs of highly successful companies!  (I’ll share this approach in The CEO Magnet Program™, more details below).

How the Trusted Advisor Project’s programs work?

Green Line Review Call ™:  Initial 15-minute call to review how the CEO Magnet System™ can be implemented in your business and ensure the program is right for you.  If you both agree, you'll then schedule  a 60-minute 1-2-1 Zoom session with Roger Jones  Outcome: Customised plan to increase CEO conversations, build reputational power and grow your business. Book your initial 15-minute Green Line Review Call...button below.

Level 1:  CEO Magnet System Implementation Program ™:  A 9 week fast paced 1-2-1 program directly with Roger Jones.  

Program Outcome:

  • You professional genius will be fully aligned to your markets greatest needs.
  • You should expect to have had or have arranged around 25 conversations with CEOs. Each of these conversations could to valuable consulting assignments.
  • You will have created the cornerstone value to become the go-to consultant in your area of expertise in your marketplace. 

The CEO Magnet System is built around 3 pillars: gaining true professional clarity; creating irrefutable value and becoming an irresistible authority.

Clarity is based on the premise that to reap the success you deserve you must develop a strategic focus by viewing your business and marketplace with new eyes so you identify your ‘white space’ of less competitive opportunity that is aligned with your professional genius and can help accelerate your growth.

Value acts as the catalyst for initial engagement. Your ideal decision makers must identify with your relevant original irresistible value as the source code to help them see ‘what’s next’ in their market and overcome their toughest challenges. 

Authority is about establishing your market wide reputation as the go-to thought leader, no matter who you are up-against, you must move from being a faint blip on your ideal decision makers radar screen to a pulsating presence by leveraging your market wisdom.

Level 3:  Trusted Advisor Elite ™:
  An ongoing program for those consultants who want to enjoy the long-term benefits of becoming the Trusted Advisor to multiple ideal decision makers.  You’ll become confident on each of the 9 accelerators to Out-Think, Out-Convert and Out-Serve your competition.  Membership to Level 3 is by invitation only for those who have completed the Level 2 CEO Magnet System Implementation Program

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What do you have to lose?

You’ve seen how I have secured long term mutually profitable relationships with ideal decision makers worldwide and even secured articles in leading global publications ….all by using The Trusted Advisors Project's system.

Now it’s time for a decision.

In essence you have three options:

Option 1:  Do absolutely nothing.  If you are lucky you will stay where you are, but I hazard a guess in the current economic climate you’re drift downwards.  So that leaves you with two other options.

Option 2: Do it yourself.  It took me 20 years to perfect The Trusted Advisor Project system. And along the way there were plenty of set-backs and ups & downs.  Do you have time to think this through and implement your own approach?  Will you struggle? 

Option 3:  Let me do the heavy lifting with you.  You’ll still need to work smart and follow-through.  But you’ll move along the green line and have the consulting practice you’re proud of.

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