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What Happened After I Was Published in the Harvard Business Review

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Those who position themselves as a trusted advisor need to be an authority in their field. They need to be the person that others look to as the go-to voice for their niche.

This may be true for you.

And right now, you’re doing everything you can to build that authority. Perhaps you’re active on social media where you try to engage potential clients and share your insights. Or maybe you create articles and posts for your own website that highlight your expertise.

These are fine ways to build your authority.

However, they’re not the optimal approach if you want to uplift your authority status and reap the associated benefits.

Instead, your authority status will be accelerated by being published in one of the leading journals or publications in your niche.

How do I know?

I got published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and it did amazing things for my business.

Now, I’m going to share just what happened in the aftermath of that publication. And in doing so, you’ll see how being published by such an organisation could do similar things for you.

Uplift #1 –Upswing in Credibility

Everybody’s in my market has heard of Harvard Business Review.

It’s a recognised source of great business knowledge and insights. Anything they publish has an instant stamp of credibility.

I found that being able to say that I’m published in the Harvard Business Review made clients and potential clients sit up and listen. Anybody who achieves this distinction must know what they’re talking about. I essentially eliminated the burden of proof for my own services because I now had instant credibility.

Uplift #2 –Great Source of New Content

I spent hours crafting this meticulous piece of content for Harvard Business Review. I hit on every single point that I could think of and created something valuable.

But getting that piece published wasn’t the end of the road.

After examining the research I’d conducted for the article further, I realised there were many additional insights I could draw out. These points got expanded into new pieces that I published on my website or shared on social media.

And of course, I could link these pieces back to the original HBR article.

That piece became an amazing source of new content for me. And if anybody doubted the validity of what my new pieces said, I could always point them back to the first article.

Uplift #3 – Attracted New CEO Clients

For years, I’d spent a lot of time marketing to potential clients. I needed to because they weren’t coming to my door!

But my HBR article, changed this.

The article provided researched insights that allowed CEOs to see a number challenges they face in a new way and gave tips on a proven approach to resolve them.  As a consequence, several CEOs made contact directly with me to request a conversation

Walking into the corner office suddenly became a whole lot easier.

Uplift #4 –New Service Offerings

Experiencing the impact of my article on my business was a real eye-opener for me. It helped me see just how much value comes from getting published in the right places.

If you base your article on irreputable evidence gleamed from your own original research, you’ll also likely be able to develop new service offerings for your marketplace. Though the research element takes hard work the pay-off makes it worthwhile.

These new service offerings represented a blueprint for my firm’s revenue growth and expansion into new international markets.  But I’d done it, and I now have a blueprint that would help me do it again.

Uplift #5 – Network Expansion

Previously if I’d wanted to have a well-attended event comprised with the right level of decision makers, well to be honest it was hard work and ‘hit-and-miss’ whether they’d attend.  I had to invite big numbers for a limited number of acceptances and a further drop-off on the day. You may have been in this situation yourself.  Frankly it was frustrating.

This changed after being published in HBR.  I ran an event based on the article, full attendance with follow-up meetings with each decision maker.  Work followed.

Relevant LinkedIn connections also increased dramatically.  And one post secured over 150K views, not bad as numbers were down in the low thousands previously.

The most important thing about this network expansion was the relevance of these people.

The new quality network that followed, provided great opportunities.

Uplift #6 – More Media Coverage

My Harvard Business Review article didn’t just sit there with the publication.

It got picked up by a bunch of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and The Sunday Times. In fact, The Sunday Times ran a full feature on the work that I’d based my article on.

So being published can have a snowball effect on your media profile.  You’’ find that this will help compound your authority status.

Uplift #7 –Stronger Market Position

Ultimately, my article strengthened my market position.

It gave me the opportunity to refresh my IP, develop a distinctive position supported by a proven process and framework that delivered great value to clients.  This resulted in a new and strong revenue stream.

Could you emulate this approach?

Getting published in Harvard Business Review uplifted my authority status and delivered a number of other benefits. Though it is not a quick fix…it takes a great deal of work.

The first steps in this process includes refreshing your IP and developing insights based on solid evidence that will deliver significant value in your marketplace.


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