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I received feedback from 111 senior executives.

I used a process I term Rapid Research™

The majority of the 111 were company Presidents/CEOs or reported to the CEO.

They represented 47 different industries and a spectrum of firm sizes to the smaller (around 200 employees) to more than 10,000 employees.

And they were based in 35 countries around the globe.

94% of these senior executives believe an advisor’s thought leadership is important or critically important element when assessing their suitability for their business.

86% of these senior executives are likely to meet a potential advisor after consuming their relevant, original, authoritative and insightful thought leadership. 

This is good news, but …

.…exactly what type of content do CEOs want to consume?

These 111 senior executives told me the content must be one of three types:

ONE: Solve business challenges – this is the most popular type of thought leadership. It’s right on the mark for firms in sectors ravaged by Covid.

Tip: Understand where your professional genius aligns with your markets greatest challenges and focus your thought leadership here. This will help you monetize your work.

TWO: Keep informed of emerging trends – CEOs want to keep one step ahead in their market, they want to know what’s next after Covid. How’s their market going to evolve?

Tip: Speak with around 25 CEOs in your market. Seek their views. Play the insights back as part of your thought leadership. CEOs want to know what other CEOs think. (These 25 CEOs also represent 25 new relationships for you to develop)

THREE: Understand best practices – CEOs want to make best use of their resources and improve their business model. They look cross borders into international markets as well as within their own market. Where appropriate they also gleam insights from other sectors.

TIP: Thought leadership based on best practice is recommended for those firms in sectors that have been thriving during Covid such as food, many tech/software firms and digital entertainment.

In addition: Your content needs to be original (not recycled), have a big ‘aha’ and provide new thinking.


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