Helping B2B providers of high value products and services do 3 things:

1. Generate conversations with C-suite decision makers on-demand without selling
2. Build reputational power
3. Make competition irrelevant

Virtual Global C-suite Engagement Mastery Program

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How Successful B2B Firms

Engage C-Suite Executives

On-Demand and Without Selling

The C-Suite Engagement Mastery philosophy is simple

Competition Irrelevant

Value Creator

Meetings On-Demand

By implementing the The C-Suite Engagement Mastery program you will: 

1. Make your competition irrelevant as a result of your powerful positioning, market intimacy and  aligned strategy. 

2. Be known as the value creator in your marketplace through you insight generation, unique I.P.  and your irresistible offer.

3. Be able to engage your ideal C-suite decision makers on-demand without selling as a result of your choreographed outreach, strategic storytelling and peer-to-peer enrolment.

Our material is based on researched proprietary strategies and tools.

The program is for those ambitious B2B firms worldwide who want to secure remarkable results for your clients, make a step change in revenue and grow business through long-term C-suite relationships.

The C-Suite Engagement Mastery


The C-Suite Engagement Mastery Program

is a 9 week program for those wanting to implement a system to build reputational power and generate meetings with ideal decision-makers on-demand.

The Trusted Advisor Elite

The Trusted Advisor Elite

a community for those wanting to scale their business become the Trusted Advisor to ideal decision-makers of multiple firms.  

The Trusted Advisor Project helps ambitious B2B firms selling high-value products or services engage C-suite executives on-demand and without selling. Our system was developed during a 20-year career developing relationships at the most senior levels in some of the world’s most successful firms and from the process developed after being published by Harvard Business Review and INSEAD Knowledge.

Testimonials like these result from following
the C-suite Engagement Mastery system


Steve Carter

Roger’s advice and support was a great asset to me. His combination of practical common sense, business know-how and thoughtful insight, was both refreshing and at times, challenging. I would highly recommend him.

Steve Carter , Chief Executive, Hawk-Eye Innovations

Ian Morrice

I have engaged Roger on a number of occasions. The results of his work are excellent. He is also a very insightful guy with lots of original ideas and techniques.

Ian Morrice , Chair, Board Advisor & Chief Executive

Henny Braund

Roger's advice has been insightful and invaluable. He has helped me think out of the box and find solutions. I would definitely recommend him.

Henny Braund , Chief Executive, Anthony Nolan

Charlie Johnston

I have had the privilege of working with Roger both in IBM and here in Cisco. I have seen Roger have fantastic results in his interventions. I highly recommend him.

Charlie Johnston , SVP, Cisco

The C-suite Engagement Mastery system
was instrumental in securing assignments with firms like:

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